Split the bill !

The one-stop website that takes the headache out of splitting expenses with friends. After a group dinner, you can now easily see who owes what, and pay your friends back simply and securely. How does it work?

Enter the number of participants and the amount to split.

Adjust each amount as needed.

Once you confirm, a payment request will be sent by text message or email to each participant.

They can pay by card or in one click with the Lydia app, and you can transfer the money received to your bank account.



CONTRIBUTIONS (excluding yours)

Zero commissions !


You need to contribute
{{formatAmount(totalForUser(), window.currency)}} out of a total of {{formatAmount(roundAmount(sanitizeAmount(amountToSplit)), window.currency)}}
Collect {{formatAmount(amountRequested().toFixed(2), window.currency)}}
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